About Us

We are Mindmill, a creative production team specialising in all things digital, combining the sum of different abilities to create innovative ideas. Milano Acoustics is one of them, an initiative that aims to bring music back to the street by making acoustic sessions in some characteristic locations in Milan. The goal is to create an intimate marriage between music and Milan.

If you want to join the project or propose a collaboration don't hesitate, contact us: info@milanoacoustics.com

BUGO – Il Sangue Mi Fa Vento


Bugo is a songwriter, musician and Italian artist. He emerges from the scene of the 90 independent Italian. Learn to play guitar during his military service, comes in contact with the scene in Milan and in 2002 signed to Universal. Bugo is a talented singer and a composer with a personal sense of poetry and a strong ability to describe the world with depth and lightness.

Parco della Cultura

This area is identified as an area of ​​intervention in the “Nove Parchi per Milano”. The park surrounds the new district Ravizza, which combines features residential, tertiary, industrial and trade. Parco della Cultura has the role of hinge with the city in connection with the historic Parco Ravizza. It is characterized by the presence of squares, play areas, an orchard and tubs with water. Further south, connected by pedestrian subways.

Bugo live for Milano Acoustics
Bugo live for Milano AcousticsBugo live for Milano Acoustics
Bugo live for Milano Acoustics
Bugo live for Milano Acoustics