About Us

We are Mindmill, a creative production team specialising in all things digital, combining the sum of different abilities to create innovative ideas. Milano Acoustics is one of them, an initiative that aims to bring music back to the street by making acoustic sessions in some characteristic locations in Milan. The goal is to create an intimate marriage between music and Milan.

If you want to join the project or propose a collaboration don't hesitate, contact us: info@milanoacoustics.com

MANUEL LIETA – Un Canto Per Una Stagione Nuova

Manuel Lieta

Manuel Lieta is an Italian singer. He was leader of a band named “Stardog”, an eclectic group which in 2003 inaugurated their live career opening the only date in Italy of Maximilian Hecker and shared the stage also with the american “El Guapo” and “One Dimensional Man”

Naviglio della Martesana

Naviglio della Martesana (also known as “Naviglio Piccolo”), is one of the Navigli of Milan. It is a waterway wide from 9 to 18 meters and deep from 1 to 3 meters and long 38.7 kilometers. Its rule is to connect Milano with the Adda river.